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Warm in winter cool in summer


Linn's offers a complete line of Americn Standard® forced air furnaces to replace your existing natural gas, propane, electric or fuel oil furnace.

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Air Conditioners

If your summer days have become too unconformtable and your nights unsleepable, turn to Linn's and American Standard® for a new central air conditioning system. We offer high efficiency units that can keep you cooler than your existing unit at a fraction of the cost.

american standard air conditioners

For homes, offices and other spaces without existing duct work Linn's offers Mitsubishi® Mr. Slim mini-split systems for an afforable way to efficiently cool.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great way to efficiently assist your furnace during spring and fall as well as cool your home during summer. Ask Linn's today whether an American Standard® heat pump is a fit for your home.

american standard heat pump

Custom Duct Work

Linn's provides custom duct work to make your installation fit your home. Each piece is measured and sized specific to your application, leaving your home with a professional look and ducts that stay out of the way.


Linn's offers service on all boilers and installation on Buderus® brand boilers.



Geo-thermal is an excellent option for economically heating and cooling your home in an environmentally friendly way. Call Linn's to learn about exploring this green option.

geo thermal systems

Water Heaters

Linn's offers water heater replacement at an afforable rate. Call today so you can have your hot showers back!

Yearly Inspections

Keep your family safe by having qualified Linn's technicians inspect your HVAC equipment to identify and correct any potential issues that may cause dangerous hazards when you least expect. We recommend yearly inspections to ensure your furnace is safe for the winter heating months.

Filter Replacements

Your furnace's filter is the first line of defense when keeping your home's air clean and fresh. Linn's can replace your filters for you or provide you with the correct filters for your system.

Oil Tanks

Like many homes in Linn's service area, your home may have a fuel oil furnace fed by an in ground oil tank. Over time many problems can arise with oil tanks including water saturation, dirt and deterioration. Linn's offers a complete oil tank service that includes replacing existing with new tanks or correcting problems in existing tanks.


Your home's thermostat is the most important piece to keeping your family comfortable and your heating and cooling costs under control. Ask Linn's for a new programmable thermostat to help you manage your home's HVAC.


Zoned Systems

It doesn't always make sense to keep all rooms the same temperature. With a zoned system from Linn's you can specify different temperatures for each portion of your home. This can save on energy bills as well as improve your family's comfort level.

Air Quality

Battling the temperature is only half of the battle when it comes to your comfort. Managing humidity levels in your home is an important step to ensure healthy skin and home.

If you or a family member are senstive to even the smallest of air impurities a filtration system from Linn's will benefit you. These systems actively clean the air as it passes through your HVAC system so that your ducts are blowing only clean air.

Ask Linn's today about our offering of humidfiers, dehumidifiers and air purification systems.

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